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Lew is the best read libertarian website; period.
Lew and his writers spread the infectious seeds of liberty and freedom. Opt out of the state with Lew Rockwell: anti-state, anti-war, pro-market

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Instantly calculate "Food Score" by scanning product barcodes!

Tired of manually entering nutritional information to find out if an item is good for you?

Now you can calculate without having to manually enter the nutritional info! Simply scan the UPC barcode on the packaging, and Diet ScanCalc will automatically calculate the "Food Score" for the food

Scan2Notify is the perfect solution to a common complaint from homeowners selling their home, providing instant notification when a showing is complete. No more circling the block, walking the dog, or wondering when you can come back home! Simply print the QR code with instructions and place on the door for the realtor to scan upon leaving. You’ll be notified via text or email when your showing is complete, and the showing agent has left. Notification preferences can be customized.

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